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How to Cook a Christmas Cake that Tastes Like Summer

Traditional Christmas cakes can make you feel festive but often the texture can be a little heavy for a hot Australian summer. If you are in charge of providing a cake for this years Christmas celebrations but don't want to bring a heavy fruit cake here are some other fun and festive ideas.


The traditional Australian pavlova is a Christmas favourite for good reason. The meringue shell creates a cheerful and Christmassy appearance, looking like white peaks of snow. The cake can be topped with seasonal fruit such as cherries and grapes which adds to the festive look. The texture of the cake is relatively light and refreshingly sweet after the heavier main course and it also keeps for a few days as a great treat after swimming.

Ice cream cake

If you love the flavors of a traditional Christmas fruitcake but don't like the heaviness you can try making an ice cream cake based on the flavors of a traditional cake. Start by softening a container of rum and raisin ice cream, then mix through the elements you like from Christmas cakes such as dried cherries, sultanas and other glazed fruits. The great thing about making your own cake this way is you can add the elements you like and nix any that don't interest you. Adding some chocolate chips and nuts can give it extra tastes and textures.


Panettone, the traditional Italian Christmas cake, has been gaining popularity as a Christmas cake in Australia due to its lighter texture. It's often available in bakeries around Christmas, packaged in tall and festive boxes, which are a fun item to bring to celebrations at other people's houses. If you feel like baking the panettone yourself, its a simple sweet yeasted bread base of white flour, eggs, butter, milk and yeast with the ingredients. Bear in mind before you start that due to the need for the yeast to rise, then be kneaded back down to rerise, the entire process takes more than 2 days.

Of course Christmas is a busy time of year, so if you don't find the time to make your own cake you can always head to a cake shop and purchase a professionally made cake. Not only will the taste great, they'll also have an attractive appearance to match your Christmas decor. Sometimes outsourcing jobs like cake making is the way to truly enjoy your Christmas celebrations!